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winter housing
Build up winter housing defenses to ward off disease
Optimizing pig sheds is vital for maintaining herd health, but in the winter months, getting the environment right is especially important in warding off illness. read more
Strategies for managing piglet diarrhea
Four strategies for managing piglet diarrhea
Nutrition, commercial vaccines, good hygiene and immunity of piglets through colostral transfer are four key strategies in managing piglet neonatal and peri-weaning diarrhea. read more
castration alternative
Castration alternative boosts carcass yields, value in multiple trials
An alternative to physical castration for male pigs can help US pig producers reap the production benefits of raising intact males without boar taint, while improving carcass value by $2.44 per head. read more
blood poisoning significant cause of piglet mortality
Danish management scheme aims to limit piglet deaths linked to blood poisoning
Danish pig producers are being encouraged to reassess their herd health management after it emerged that blood poisoning from routine operations was a significant cause of piglet mortality. read more
Impending surgical castration ban
Be prepared for surgical castration and tail docking ban, EU producers told
Europe’s pig producers should prepare themselves for an eventual ban on surgical castration and tail docking across the continent, according to a leading industry expert. read more
Dr. Galina provides tips to better Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae control
Five steps to better Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae control
SUSTAINABLE HEALTH - For pig producers and veterinarians, the health and economic impact of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae (MH) is clear. In the US, enzootic pneumonia caused by MH is considered one of the “big three” respiratory diseases in swine. read more
Bigger not always better in quest for sustainable pork
Striving to produce heavier pigs is not necessarily the answer to increasing pig productivity and farm profitability, an expert in pig genetics has warned. read more
People power: Staff hold the key to pig farm sustainability
Many successful pig producers say finding and retaining employees is the toughest challenge they face read more
Sustainable markets in Russia optimize pig production
Sustainable Markets: How will global pig markets react to changes in Russia?
In today’s interconnected, global economy, changes and events in one market can have worldwide implications. “Sustainable Markets” is a series of articles focused on market news and its impact on the economic and environmental sustainability of the global pork industry. read more
Creating a closed system has helps German pig producer reduce costs and limit risks to his farm
Closed to risk: How one pig farmer is managing price volatility
Creating a closed system has helped one German pig producer reduce costs and limit risks to his farm, making sure his business is sustainable for the next generation. read more
Training staff to spot sick pigs early leads to higher performance, lower mortality
SUSTAINABLE HEALTH - Pig health is critical for maintaining animal welfare and ensuring a steady supply of safe and affordable pork. read more
Time to reinvent the pig industry?
An animal-welfare campaigner presents his view of the pig industry in 2025. read more
Diagnostics can optimize PCV2 vaccination
Using diagnostics to optimize PCV2 vaccination
SUSTAINABLE HEALTH - Vaccines are one of the most effective tools for preventing PCV2 infection, but several factors influence a vaccination strategy’s success. read more
Castration alternative credited with improving feed efficiency, carcass quality on Belgian farm
A pig producer in Belgium has reported that making the switch from surgical castration to boar-taint vaccination has resulted in better carcass quality, improved feed conversion and reduced antibiotic use. read more
Italian meat company balances tradition, quality with need for greater sustainability
A century-old salumi maker says sustainable and welfare-friendly processes are key to keeping its traditional products relevant to today’s consumers. read more
Danish studies offer clues for controlling boar taint, assuring quality in meat from organic boars
Studies from organic pig farms in Denmark show that levels of hormones associated with boar taint vary with liveweight, location and season of the year and, to a lesser extent, on the cleanliness of the animal and its housing. read more
UK report weighs pros and cons of free-farrowing systems
A UK animal-welfare group urges producers to consider the welfare of both sows and piglets with free-farrowing systems, stressing that what benefits one may not always benefit the other. read more
Climate changes forces European feed suppliers to switch from wheat to another grain
Altered weather patterns could force changes to European pig feeds
Europe’s animal nutritionists may have to switch from its grain of choice for pig feeds – wheat – as more frequent bad weather events force the region’s farmers to grow alternative crops... read more
Sustainable pork production: What does it really mean?
Ecological engineer Marty Matlock, PhD, says the world pork industry needs to dramatically increase production over the next 30 to 40 years — without increasing land use. More intensified production is key to sustainability... read more
Danish inspiration: UK pig sector prepares for new EU environmental regulations
Denmark has among the strictest environmental laws covering farming in the EU. To see what it takes for Danish producers to meet these requirements... read more
Boar-taint vaccination associated with less male aggression in Australian study
Boar-taint vaccination improved the welfare of male pigs kept under commercial conditions by inhibiting sexual and aggressive behavior, according to new research from Australia. read more
China works to reverse poor pig-welfare record
Animal welfare historically hasn’t been a high priority in China, but as the country continues to rise in the global pork industry, things are starting to change for the better. read more
Boar taint vaccination: Plus points for an ‘entire’ market
For years, Britain has boasted some of the world’s highest standards of pig welfare. But as continental Europe moves to ban surgical castration, the UK’s “castration-free” status may no longer serve as a strong market differential. read more
Boar taint vaccine provides a ‘win-win’ castration alternative, experts say
Animal welfare expert Dr. Temple Grandin says immunocastration provides a “win-win” alternative for both pigs and producers. read more
pen density shows benefits in weaning, but not in finishing
Reduced pen density benefits short lived
A recent study on the effects of pen density on pig welfare and growth showed that lower pen densities improved average daily gain, lesion scores and behavior activities in the weaner phase, but once pigs entered the finishing phase in standardized pens, these benefits disappeared. read more
Stopping piglet castration, for good
Ending piglet castration is a responsibility shared by all members of the pork chain, but according to Peter Stevenson, chief policy advisor for Compassion in World Farming (CIWF), food retailers must do more to promote market acceptance of castration alternatives. read more
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