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FAO releases GLEAM-i tool
FAO releases tool to calculate environmental impact of pork production
Farmers, policymakers and scientists can now access a tool to calculate greenhouse gas production arising from the production of meat, thanks to a new online tool developed by the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). read more
Soy substitutes for pig feed
German pig feed project seeks out sustainable soy substitutes
A group in Germany is exploring options to replace soy in pig feeds with alternative protein sources, giving added meaning to the term “locally produced pork.” read more
Mixed reviews: Researcher says mixed farming systems not always sustainable
Mixed farming systems should not be promoted by policy-makers as a generic solution to making agriculture more sustainable, according to a prominent scientist. read more
Pig farmer uses manure to produce renewable natural gas
Swine producers growing pork and power
Nearly 2 million pigs in Missouri are on track to supply enough manure to create 2.2 billion cubic feet of renewable natural gas (RNG) annually — or the equivalent of 17 million gallons of diesel fuel. read more
Reducing levels of copper in pig feed
Europe set to reduce copper in pig feeds to protect environment
The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has proposed changes to the level of copper that can be included in livestock and pet feeds due to concerns over possible links between mineral accumulation in the environment and antibiotic resistance in disease-causing organisms. read more
Researchers report urgency of investment for sustainable food production
Urgent investment needed to boost sustainable production
Researchers warn that sustainable food production won’t become a reality unless more funding is made available. read more
How pig processors can tackle food waste
In the face of a growing world population, tackling the huge amount of food that goes to waste is a vital step to securing sustainable food supplies. In the first of a series of articles on reducing waste across the pig supply chain, VOSP looks at what processors can do to make a difference. read more
Branching out: Trees can boost pig farms’ sustainability
It may not be an obvious solution, but by driving productivity and helping the environment, planting trees can play a key role in boosting the sustainability of pig businesses. read more
Sustainability commitment brings commercial gains for Chilean pig firm
Continuous improvement of sustainability standards has led to better yields and meat quality for one of Chile’s largest pig producers. read more
Could insect-fed pigs be the next sustainable food trend?
Fly larvae, duckweed and soy grown in Europe could offer pig farmers sustainable alternatives to importing soybeans from South America, according to a leading livestock business advisor. read more
Livestock farming can help feed the world sustainably
Animal production systems can be adapted to meet the growing world demand for food without deleterious environmental impacts, according to a new international study. read more
Debate: The future of organic agriculture in the EU
Organic plays an increasing role in EU agriculture. There’s also an ongoing trialogue negotiation on organic regulation review among the Parliament, Commission and the member states. read more
Is organic farming really ‘greener’?
With Europe’s organic regulations under review, two EU Parliament members debate the environmental sustainability of organic and conventional production systems. read more
Climate changes forces European feed suppliers to switch from wheat to another grain
Altered weather patterns could force changes to European pig feeds
Europe’s animal nutritionists may have to switch from its grain of choice for pig feeds – wheat – as more frequent bad weather events force the region’s farmers to grow alternative crops... read more
Sustainable pork production: What does it really mean?
Ecological engineer Marty Matlock, PhD, says the world pork industry needs to dramatically increase production over the next 30 to 40 years — without increasing land use. More intensified production is key to sustainability... read more
Danish inspiration: UK pig sector prepares for new EU environmental regulations
Denmark has among the strictest environmental laws covering farming in the EU. To see what it takes for Danish producers to meet these requirements... read more
European Union to move together over GM feed approval
The European Parliament announced that it rejected a draft European Union law that would enable any EU member state to restrict or prohibit the sale and use of EU-approved genetically modified (GM) food or feed on its territory. read more
carcass composting
Carcass composting proves safe, economical
Pig carcasses can be safely and economically composted on farms to produce valuable organic fertilizer, according to a new study by researchers from Ireland’s Agricultural and Food Development Authority (Teagasc). read more
New FAO model assesses livestock’s environmental impact
The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has developed a new modeling framework to assess livestock’s contribution to feeding a growing population, while mitigating its environmental impact. read more
Is your drinker system wasting water and money?
Pig producers can save $4.50 USD simply by reducing drinking-water waste, wrote Ken Engele of Canada’s Prairie Swine Centre. read more
Algae helps remove ammonia, pathogens from pig wastewater
Wastewater from pig farms could soon be treated with algae, resulting in reduced waste and a potential feed source... read more
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