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John Mackinnon discusses castration alternative at conference
Benefits of castration alternative presented at global pig-health event
Two world-renowned experts discussed the economic and welfare benefits of using a novel castration alternative at the 2016 International Pig Veterinary Society conference in Dublin. read more
higher-welfare pork
Three-quarters of Chinese shoppers would pay for higher-welfare pork
China’s food producers were once prepared to overlook animal welfare in favor of low-cost meat in the past; however, the latest survey from World Animal Protection revealed that Chinese consumers are now willing to choose and pay more for higher-welfare pork. read more
Food-industry changes and retail policies
Food-industry changes leave some pig farmers feeling ‘thrown under the bus’
Some US pork producers are struggling to keep pace with new foodservice and retail policies that reflect consumer-based perceptions of sustainability, Pork Perspectives reports. read more
Pork producers must plan carefully to maintain economic sustainability during Brexit
Planning crucial to ride out Brexit uncertainty
Uncertainty brought about by Britain’s decision to leave the European Union means pig producers everywhere must plan carefully to ensure their business’ economic sustainability, experts say. For British producers, locking in prices and recognizing opportunities arising from Brexit is key. read more
Reducing retail waste in the pork chain
Supermarket savings: How retailers are reducing waste in the pork chain
Finding ways to limit retail waste has been identified as a key part of the battle in securing food supplies for the world’s growing population. In the second of a series of articles, VOSP examines what retailers are doing to cut waste in the pig supply chain. read more
Castration alternative credited with improving feed efficiency, carcass quality on Belgian farm
A pig producer in Belgium has reported that making the switch from surgical castration to boar-taint vaccination has resulted in better carcass quality, improved feed conversion and reduced antibiotic use. read more
McDonald’s reconsiders position on “No Antibiotics Ever” pork
McDonald’s is currently working with the beef and pork industries on an approach to antibiotics use in cattle and hog production that, at this point, does not take a “never ever” approach, reports Meatingplace. read more
cost, cost effectiveness
Take action when pig margins are squeezed
When margins are tight, pig producers need to focus on opportunities to save money to keep their business profitable in the long term. read more
Italian meat company balances tradition, quality with need for greater sustainability
A century-old salumi maker says sustainable and welfare-friendly processes are key to keeping its traditional products relevant to today’s consumers. read more
French pork producer focuses on sustainability to meet evolving consumer demands
In a country world-famous for its food, a small French pig producer’s strategy for meeting consistently high standards of quality, welfare and nutrition has earned it a spot on the map. read more
Wendy’s new supplier code sets criteria for pork production
U.S. fast-food chain Wendy’s announced that 2022 is its target date to eliminate the use of sow stalls in its supply chain. read more
Belgian retailer profits from higher welfare standards
Stefan Goethaert, director of Colruyt Group, says the Belgian retailer’s animal welfare policies have boosted profits and consumer trust, without affecting production costs. read more
Lighting the way to food preservation
The strong antibacterial effect of blue light emitting diodes (LED) on major foodborne pathogens could lead the way to chemical-free food preservation. read more
Proposed GMO ruling threatens to divide EU market
The European Commission has called for amended legislation that would allow member states to restrict or prohibit use of EU-authorized genetically modified organisms (GMO) for animal feed or human food consumption, according to a report on ThePigSite. read more
Study: Organic boar rearing not economically viable
Controlling boar taint in uncastrated organic boars is possible, but not economically viable, according to a report by the Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture (DCA). read more
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