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CIWF award winners improving lives of 85K pigs

Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) recently granted Good Pig Awards to five international businesses that are working to improve welfare conditions for meat pigs and sows in the food chain. The awards were granted as part of CIWF’s Good Farm Animal Welfare Award ceremony at the Milan Expo 2015.

“The Good Pig Award was only launched in 2012 so it is great to see that there is already real momentum behind it with five businesses this year, committing to improving the lives of pigs in the food chain,” commented Dr Tracey Jones, CIWF’s director of food business, noting that the work of these businesses alone will benefit more than 85,000 pigs.

She added, “It is a real achievement by our food business managers working with, and supporting, these companies in what can be a slow, time consuming process to make changes of this scale.”ThePigStelogo

According to The Pig Site, this year’s Good Pig Award winners included Whole Foods Market, Dingley Dell Pork and Denhay Farms Ltd in the UK. Whole Foods in the US and Fumagalli in Italy both received Good Sow Commendation awards.

“Every year I am so impressed by the commitment and drive of our award winners to make genuine improvements to the lives of millions of farm animals,” Jones said.

“I’m confident the higher welfare message is spreading globally as more and more businesses realize that there is not just an ethical imperative to address farm animal welfare but a commercial one too.”

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CIWF award winners improving lives of 85K pigs
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