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EU proposes new reporting requirements for veterinary medicine

The European Commission has proposed to increase the period of reporting on the use of veterinary medicines in pigs to from 28 days to 60 days before slaughter, reports ThePigSite.

Speaking at the Agricultural and Horticultural Development Board seminar on information flow in the meat chain, James Risdale, meat hygiene policy team leader for the Food Standards Agency (FSA), said, “The commission is looking to harmonize the information and make it more useful for processors, meat inspectors and official veterinarians.”ThePigStelogo

The 60-day notification period is a compromise between Finland’s 90-day reporting period and the 28-day period in the UK. According to Risdale, the FSA’s recommendation for reporting is 30 days before slaughter.

Risdale added that the vote failed to take place in January and now the issue will come before the new European Commission at an undetermined future date.

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EU proposes new reporting requirements for veterinary medicine
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