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FAO releases tool to calculate environmental impact of pork production

Farmers, policymakers and scientists can now access a tool to calculate greenhouse gas production arising from the production of meat, thanks to a new online tool developed by the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

It is widely accepted that most human activities have an impact on our environment and animal agriculture is no exception. Several different methods have been developed to calculate this impact, making it difficult to compare systems or to measure the effects of changes made to improve the sustainability of any particular farming activity.

FAO’s new interactive tool makes it possible to calculate the environmental impacts of meat, milk and egg production as well as greenhouse gas emissions from livestock.

The Global Livestock Environmental Assessment Model (GLEAM-i) can be used to make a sector both more productive and more climate-friendly, according to the FAO.

Using GLEAM, FAO researchers have identified feasible and affordable changes that can be made by livestock farmers to increase production and reduce emissions by as much as one-third.

“The objective of GLEAM is to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and ensure that livestock activities are as efficient as possible so that they can continue to contribute to people’s food, nutrition and livelihood needs while utilizing fewer natural resources,” added Anne Mottet, Livestock Policy Officer at FAO.

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FAO releases tool to calculate environmental impact of pork production
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