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Farmers, veterinarians unite to tackle antimicrobial resistance

The objective of antibiotic strategies should be to reduce resistance to antibiotics and not their use, the International Federation of Animal Health (IFAH), including IFAH-Europe, reiterated at the recent conference, ‘Farmers and veterinarians together to tackle antimicrobial resistance’.

According to WATT Global Media editor, Mark Clements, reporting on WATTAgNet, conference attendees called for policies regarding antibiotics use to be based soundly on science and for the focus to be on responsible use, with care taken to ensure that any restrictions on antibiotics in veterinary medicines do not adversely impact animal health and welfare.

Some national indicators have shown that simple reduction targets can lead to antimicrobials being used incorrectly, which could be counter-productive to the real objective of reducing antimicrobial resistance development, which involves correct use and the elimination of unnecessary use.

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Farmers, veterinarians unite to tackle antimicrobial resistance
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