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RSPCA Assured label boosts animal welfare

Over the next five years, an estimated 100 million farm animals will have improved welfare guaranteed by the new Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) Assured label. The Assured label replaces the RSPCA’s Freedom Food mark.

“The RSPCA Assured label makes it easy to recognize products from animals that have had a better life, so you can feel confident about your choice when shopping and eating out,” said Jez Cooper, chief executive officer of the RSPCA Assured scheme.

The switch to the new label is based on name recognition. According to Cooper, 96% of people recognize the RSPCA brand, compared to only 24% for Freedom Food. The move to the RSPCA Assured label also has the potential to significantly increase the amount of labelled products available to consumers in shops and supermarkets.

Pork produced under the RSPCA Assured label may be reared on an indoor, outdoor, organic or free-range farm but it must be inspected and meet RSPCA’s welfare standards, which include:

  • Solid floor lying area
  • Space to explore, exercise, play and rest
  • Enrichment (straw) for rooting and mud pools outdoors
  • Loose-style farrowing systems
  • Shelter from weather

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RSPCA Assured label boosts animal welfare
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