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Managing PRRS
It’s cold outside. Have you PRRS-proofed your herds?
Cold weather means closer confinement and a greater risk of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSv). A leading PRRS expert recommends ways to keep this common and costly disease in check. read more
winter housing
Build up winter housing defenses to ward off disease
Optimizing pig sheds is vital for maintaining herd health, but in the winter months, getting the environment right is especially important in warding off illness. read more
Better biosecurity means healthier pigs
Improved biosecurity on farms β€” avoiding contact between groups of animals and reducing the general infection pressure β€” can help to improve animal health, while reducing the need for medications and the risk of antimicrobial resistance. This makes sense in theory but the proof may be elusive. read more
Welfare, biosecurity key to US pork growth, analyst says
Significant growth could be in store for the US pig sector, provided it recognizes its potential in the global pig market, a leading agricultural analyst has said. read more
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