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Tightening antibiotic rules to benefit Canadian farmers

Proposed changes to rules governing antibiotic use in Canadian livestock production will benefit pig producers, according to one of the country’s industry experts.

Veterinary epidemiologist Leigh Rosengren told The Pig Site that government plans to amend antibiotic regulations will bring greater transparency to the industry.

She says the changes will give food-animal producers better access to veterinary health products, which will have a positive effect on farms.

Canada’s federal government published proposed changes to the country’s food and drug regulations in July.

Under the proposals, rules governing imports of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) used to manufacture animal antibiotics will be tightened, and the import of antibiotics by producers for their own use will be restricted.

The proposals also suggest a ban on using antibiotics for growth promotion, as well as a new structure designed to speed up approval of animal health products which can be used in place of antibiotics.

Rosengren says the vast majority of producers wouldn’t be affected by the amendments.

“Many producers are not using APIs, many producers are not bringing in their own antimicrobials or drugs through the own-use importation loophole, so those changes won’t affect them.

“They may be affected by the increased access to the veterinary health products and that’s a good impact on the farm.

“As an industry we will see a wonderful benefit, because what they are doing is they are increasing transparency in how we use veterinary pharmaceuticals in Canada and they are going to satisfy demands that we’ve heard from trading partners for years that these regulations need to be tightened up.”


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Tightening antibiotic rules to benefit Canadian farmers
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