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Wendy’s new supplier code sets criteria for pork production

Citing “environmentally sustainable business practices,” food safety, farm-animal health and other criteria important to its brand, Wendy’s announced plans to eliminate the use of sow stalls in its supply chain by 2022.

U.S. fast-food chain Wendy’s announced that 2022 is its target date to eliminate the use of sow stalls in its supply chain.

The news was included in an announcement from the company about the public release of its Supplier Code of Conduct, which “takes into account the best practices and standards of Wendy’s supply chain and identifies future aspirations to encourage continuous improvement in a meaningful way”.

The code of conduct focuses on areas important to the Wendy’s brand and its customers, including: food safety and food ingredients, farm animal health and well-being, human rights and labor practices, environmentally sustainable business practices and business ethics and integrity.

Wendy’s established animal welfare auditing using external animal welfare experts in 1996 with a view to reviewing supplier performance and recommending improvements. Five years later, it set up an Animal Welfare Council to review and strengthen the Company’s animal welfare standards and to review the performance of suppliers to ensure compliance with those standards.

“Our pledge to continuous improvement of supply chain practices has guided our supplier relationships to date. These issues have become even more important as consumers seek to understand the practices of the brands they support,” said Liliana Esposito, chief communications officer on the launch of the code of conduct.”




Wendy’s new supplier code sets criteria for pork production
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